God’s Amazing Grace

Thank you Jesus for the gift of your amazing grace. You were there when I didn’t know you. You were there when I was conceived, when I was born and took my first breath. You heard me speak my first words and watched me take my first steps. You cared for me and nurtured me through the formative years of childhood. You protected me through the challenging teenage years. You gave me a good husband and three wonderful children. You cared for us all and I didn’t recognize you.

You were there when my dad was killed in an auto accident. In my grief you reached out to me. You beckoned me to call upon you. And when I did you saved me for your Kingdom. You strengthened me to bear the loss of my grandmother, mother, three siblings and many dear friends. You taught me how to live and how to love. You encouraged me and gave me hope. You blessed me with a new mission for my life, reaching out to others, living beyond myself. You were there when my husband passed from this world. You comforted me with your presence. You drew me closer to you and called me to be a witness to your truth, your majesty, and to your undying love. You gave me the joy of being a grandparent. And later helped me through the sorrow of losing one. By your grace I am comforted by knowing that she is with you.

In time, you blessed me with another good husband and increased my family. You led us out into the mission field to serve you by serving others, strangers to us but not to you. You know the world’s need and you send your servants to them. Not an easy task, but rewarding to be used by your amazing grace. And then…you were there when I became my husband’s caregiver and when he, like the first, passed on to be with you in a greater capacity.

You never left me alone, you were always there, even when I neglected you. I am so thankful for your grace that sustained me and patiently waited for me to seek your face again. Then you taught me to truly worship you with all my heart and to desire your presence. You have given me much more than I can ever comprehend or deserve. My gratitude to you is beyond words to express. Your amazing grace is beyond understanding. Your grace provides for the joy of life lived for you. It is only by your grace that I can abide in you and be confident of life eternal with you. It is only by your grace that I am free of condemnation. Only by your grace, that I live a meaningful life, filled with the knowledge of your love for me. Your grace is a gift to the world and a treasure to proclaim.

Thank you Jesus, for your amazing grace.


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