Come, Holy Spirit

Today I listened to some old worship cassette tapes from the 1970s that I had transferred to CDs. Most of them were taken from Scripture verses set to music. As I listened to the praises to Jesus sung with the anointing of God evident in the voices, I felt the warm memory of those wonderful days of renewal. Warm memories of the people I knew then, and of how the Holy Spirit was moving in the denominations of the church, touching the hearts of many souls, making them hungry for more of Jesus. It was an awakening, a mighty move of God, calling his people to the revelation of His power to change lives and to equip His church to do the work that He ordained.

I remembered listening to the anointed teachers who were called to bring understanding of this movement of the Holy Spirit, bringing the truth of Jesus into the lives of many seekers. Jesus became a reality. He was lifted up, praised, worshiped and adored. I learned to honor Him in all things, and to put Him first in my life above all else. I moved into a relationship with Him that I had not known before. Through that relationship I have learned that He is all I need to live a full, blessed and fruitful life. The joy, love, hope and peace that is poured out through the Holy Spirit is profound and satisfying. I see the evidence of God’s grace clearly as He guides me in His truth.

During those years, I knew He was calling me to be a witness to His truth. The truth that He is the Savior of the world, sent by God the Father to redeem all those who would believe. I learned how to participate in the family of God, and the wonder of realizing that I was living in and for the Kingdom of God.

Let us, the church be hungry again to see another move of the Holy Spirit. We certainly need revival in this chaotic world where truth is being distorted and trampled upon. Let us pray for a renewal of the church of Jesus Christ through an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit to equip her to reach out as never before to witness to the lost, so to bring in a harvest of souls for the glory of God and His eternal Kingdom.


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